About the band

The band started with just a handful of people in 2005 who wanted to play some tunes together. These days we have attracted a group of  experienced and accomplished musicians and people often ask us back to perform again – in some cases with 5 or 6 repeat bookings. We have performed at the Uppingham Fringe arts festival, the Oakham Festival, weddings,  birthday parties, 40s dance events, and in the Curve theatre in Leicester.  So if you are looking to hire a wedding band or a party band, please get in touch, and we will give your guests a good time. We’ll happily travel around Oakham, Leicestershire, Uppingham,  Stamford, Melton Mowbray, Corby and other places around the East Midlands.

The band now has several music teachers and professionals in it, and our standards are high, though rehearsals never end – we can always get another step better!

Interested in joining the band?

What is a Big Band ?

2014-03-22 20.43.34A Big Band traditionally has saxophones (baritone, tenors & altos), trumpets, trombones, a rhythm section (drums, bass, keyboard, guitar), and ideally a singer or two. Sometimes there are clarinet or flute parts, usually played by one of the saxophonists. This helps make the famous Glen Miller type of sound.