This was a slightly new thing for us. We’re used to lindy hoppers at 40s nights, or people bopping around after a couple of beers at a party.

Last night though, we had dance champions in front of us .. what a sight! Lauren Ainsworth and Charles Kruger wowed the audience with their skills as they did three dance demos during the evening. Sadly I was trying to concentrate on playing without getting distracted too much. The Victoria Hall was packed, and in between the rest of the crowd took to the floor as well.

We had some brilliant photos taken for us by Peter Mason as well.

It’s true that we’re the Rutland Big Band, but Corby isn’t far away. If you’re near Corby and fancy a swing band, we’d be delighted to come and play for your 40s event, wedding, party, or in your village hall – please get in touch and have a chat. You can hear us on the ‘listen to us’ page.

It’s true that we’re the Rutland Big Band, but Stamford in Lincolnshire is only just along the road. Some of us even live in Lincolnshire! If you’re in Stamford and looking for a swing band to play for your wedding, party, or in your village hall , we’d love to hear from you. We can play a variety of jazz, swing, and some rock n roll party tunes for you.



Our drummer Rich getting a chance to show off

A lot, but not all, of the music that we play in the Rutland Big Band is swing – we’re sometimes referrred to as a “swing band”.

“swing” is typical of music from the 30s and 40s, where the pulse of the music is on the off-beats, rahter than being strictly on the beat as in most pop or classical music. It’s often quite jazzy, with improvised jazz solos from band members while the rest of the band plays from their parts.

Wikipedia also helpfully adds:
“You can feel it, but you just can’t explain it. Do you dig me?”

We’ve done a couple of events this year in village halls. We think we can offer a ‘win-win’ evening for your village. Between the band and your local village knowledge we can fill the hall. It raises money for your village hall, provides a great evening’s entertainment, and of course we enjoy playing, and we can raise some funds towards our costs as well.